Giuseppe Del Castillo

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We present a design approach which allows us to formally specify a real–life processor as composed out of its basic architectural (formally specified) components. The methodology provides means to rely upon hierarchical refinements and modular structuring of the specifications as a discipline to control the behaviour of complex units in terms of the(More)
Appropriate tool support is an essential factor for an eeec-tive application of formal methods to real-life speciication and modelling tasks. However, the current state of the art of tool support for Abstract State Machines is not considered very satisfactory by practitioners. After discussing some possible reasons for this, we report about the ASM(More)
This paper provides the rst step of a full mathematical description of the APE100 parallel architecture. The description consists of several models, at diierent levels of abstraction, corresponding to views of the architecture provided by diierent languages used within the APE100 compilation chain (a crucial part of the software environment of APE100). Here(More)
High level design decisions as HW/SW-partitioning and instrumenting of building blocks can be supported efficiently by detailed analysis of dynamic instruction usage. In many cases the instruction usage is specific to the application domain in view. We present a very fast analysis approach based on high level system models. Complex application(More)