Giuseppe D'Orsi

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Few studies have focused on the clinical, neurophysiological and prognostic features of adult epileptic patients with malformation of cortical development. We reviewed the clinical data of a series of sixty adult epileptic patients with different types of malformation of cortical development, who had been followed at the Epilepsy Centre of the Department of(More)
Rett syndrome (RTT) is a progressive neurological disorder characterized by a wide spectrum of phenotypes. Epilepsy is reported to occur in 50-90% of patients with RTT; some develop medically refractory epilepsy. The aim of this study is to investigate the efficacy of levetiracetam (LEV) in drug-resistant patients with RTT. This prospective, pragmatic,(More)
"Ictal smile" is defined as a facial expression during a seizure, which usually translates happiness, clearly distinct from a tonic deviation of the mouth or other abnormal tonic-clonic movements involving the face, not associated to any happiness emotion (Epilepsia. 1998;39:1357-1360). It is a rare condition (6%-10% of patients; Epilepsia.(More)
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