Giuseppe D'Elia

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In recent years, unconventional applications ranging from biomass estimation, to the detection and location of targets hidden beneath the foliage or even to the full reconstruction of three-dimensional (3D) SAR images of vegetation have earned an increasing interest for both civil and military purposes. SAR tomography allows to access such information on(More)
—The paper deals with the problem of reconstructing the height of forests from polarimetric/multi-baseline SAR data. The approach consists of optimizing an objective functional defined as the distance between the measured data and the data predicted by the model at the actual estimate of the unknowns. We indicate the role of global optimization on the(More)
An interview study of 79 Swedish psychotherapists was performed to investigate their attitudes towards and observation of nonverbal communication in a reference situation in relation to background factors such as gender, length of professional experience, and theoretical approach. The greeting situation, i.e., the first time a therapist and patient meet in(More)
A questionnaire was designed for the assessment of psychotherapists' attitudes toward nonverbal communication and their observation of it in a reference situation, i.e., the first time the therapist and the patient meet in a waiting room. The interrater reliability of the questionnaire was measured. Upon minor modifications, a final version of the(More)
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