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Previous finding shown that the composition of the breath of patients with lung cancer contains information that could be used to detect the disease. These volatiles are mainly alkanes and aromatic compounds. Sensor arrays technology (electronic nose) proved to be useful to screen samples characterised by different headspace composition. Here we(More)
Eight Phaseolus vulgaris L. landraces cultivated on farm in marginal areas of Central Italy (Lazio region) were investigated in order to evaluate chemical composition of storage proteins and secondary metabolites fractions. The total protein content showed some differences among landraces; the maximum value was next to 30 g for 100 g of dry weight. The seed(More)
BACKGROUND Previous findings have shown that the body odor of patients affected by schizophrenia contains some specific compounds. Chemical sensor technology has proved to be able to classify different odours. We investigated the possibility of using a chemical sensor array to detect body odor alteration in schizophrenic patients. MATERIAL/METHODS The(More)
Different rhodium(III) porphyrin chlorides have been used as catalysts for the cyclotrimerization of several arylethynes, giving in many cases high yields in substituted benzenes and selectivities based on the steric hindrance of the macrocycles and on the substitution of the substrates.
Niemann-Pick type C disease is an autosomal recessive storage disorder, characterized by abnormal sequestration of unesterified cholesterol within the late endolysosomal compartment of cells and accumulation of gangliosides and other sphingolipids. Progressive neurological deterioration and insurgence of symptoms like ataxia, seizure, and cognitive decline(More)
Following a previous report on the synthesis and physicochemical characterization of a novel class of porphyrazines carrying peripherally annulated seven-membered rings, i.e., tetrakis-2,3-(5,7-diphenyl-1,4-diazepino)porphyrazine [Ph(8)DzPzH(2)].4H(2)O and its metal derivatives [Ph(8)DzPzM].xH(2)O (x = 2-7, M = Mg(II)(H(2)O), Cu(II), and Zn(II)), a new more(More)
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