Giuseppe Cruciani

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ECS-14, a crystalline microporous hybrid organic-inorganic aluminosilicate, has been synthesized by using 1,4-bis-(triethoxysilyl)-benzene (BTEB) as a source of silica. Its structure contains a system of linear channels with 12-membered ring openings, running along the [001] direction, resembling the pore architecture of the AFI framework type.
Partial least squares regression (PLS1 and PLS2) and GOLPE variable selection procedures were used for the treatment of differential pulse polarographic and UV spectrophotometric data obtained from the analysis of the therapeutic combination of metronidazole and pefloxacin. The analytical method used for the determination was set up using experimental(More)
CO 2 geosequestration is currently considered to be the most effective and economical method to dispose of artificial greenhouse gases. There are a large number of coal mines that will be scrapped, and some of them are located in deep formations in China. CO 2 storage in abandoned coal mines will be a potential option for greenhouse gas disposal. However,(More)
The structural relaxation around Cr(3+) in YAl(1-x)Cr(x)O(3) perovskites was investigated and compared with analogous Cr-Al joins (corundum, spinel, garnet). Eight compositions (x(Cr)((3+)) from 0 to 1) were prepared by sol-gel combustion and were analyzed by a combined X-ray diffraction (XRD) and electron absorption spectroscopy (EAS) approach. The unit(More)
The crystal structures of three MgCl(2)·nEtOH complexes with n=1.5, 2.8, and 3.3 have been fully determined. Such complexes are the fundamental precursors for Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalysts used to produce polyolefins on a multimillion-ton scale worldwide. The ab initio structure solution showed that the structure of MgCl(2)·nEtOH complexes with(More)
The temperature-induced desorption of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) from aqueous solutions onto hydrophobic ZSM-5 was studied by in situ synchrotron powder diffraction and chromatographic techniques. This kind of information is crucial for designing and optimizing the regeneration treatment of such zeolite. The evolution of the structural features(More)
The influence of H3BO3 on the crystallization of hybrid organic-inorganic aluminosilicates denoted as Eni Carbon Silicates (ECS's) was investigated. Syntheses were carried out at 100 °C under different experimental conditions, using bridged silsesquioxanes of general formula (EtO)3Si-R-Si(OEt)3 (R = -C6H4- (BTEB), -C10H6- (BTEN) and -C6H4-C6H4- (BTEBP)), in(More)
Recently, hybrid materials using poly ethylene glycol and porous nanocrystals have been developed for drug release. In this study, a series of poly ethylene glycol (PEG)/NaY zeolite and PEG/MCM-41 nanocomposites get synthesized. These materials are characterized using FT-IR spectroscopy, XRD, TGA and SEM. After loading the metronidazole onto these(More)
Thermally induced processes of CoAPO-34, an aluminophosphate molecular sieve with chabasite-type structure, synthesized in the presence of morpholine as a structure-directing agent and HF as a mineralizing agent, have been studied by in situ X-ray synchrotron powder diffraction augmented with Fourier transform (FT) IR analysis. A time-resolved experiment(More)