Giuseppe Colangelo

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This paper presents the development of a novel Shared Aperture Dual Band Printed Antenna. The antenna is a planar monopulse printed antenna that integrate in the same radiating surface both an X-band and a Ka-band antenna. It is a multi-layer printed antenna made of a Ka-band slot array superimposed and interlaced to a X-band slot array. The Ka-band slots(More)
Major concerns are arising on the expansion of wildland–urban interfaces defined as zones where infrastructures and other man-made systems interact with undeveloped areas. Wildland–urban interfaces create an environment in which fire can easily spread from forest fuels to human settlements. In this context, there is a need to prevent fire spread by(More)
Botanical gardens represent interesting arenas for research in environmental psychology and environment-behavior relations. They can be considered a very particular type of restorative environment and also have a relevant social function for the promotion of a more sustainable lifestyle in current societies. In this paper, we present a study assessing the(More)
The aim of this article is to analyse the different regulatory and practical solutions proposed both in US and EU scenarios to overcome the orphan works’ issue. Orphan works pose a problem because users, who are legally obliged to obtain prior authorization for making works available to the public, are unable to locate and contact the relevant(More)
This paper develops a Bertrand price competition model with di erentiated goods in which export subsidies are compared to exchange rate depreciation as di erent government policies for promoting exports. National governments may wish to help domestic rms to expand market shares in pro table areas and might do this through either one of these two tools.Their(More)
This study developed and tested models to predict the belowground biomass and root/shoot ratio using aboveground field measures. The predictive power of such indirect measurement is useful for a rapid and reliable assessment of the biomass of the Mediterranean species. Forest biomass estimation has been simplified by the availability of indirect(More)
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