Giuseppe Cocciolo

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Power consumption of high-speed low-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) can be reduced by means of calibration. However, this solution has some drawbacks such as time slot allocation for calibration and die area increase. This paper presents a 5-bit 1-Gs/s ADC without calibration, fabricated in 90-nm CMOS. Low power consumption has been ensured(More)
A syndrome characterized by apathy, diarrhoea and high mortality of nestlings was observed in a flock of pet birds of the family Estrildidae. Enlargement of the liver, pulmonary congestion and urate accretions in the kidney were observed. Microscopically, there was glomerular atrophy, oedema and congestion of the lungs and necrosis and fibrosis of the(More)
Neutrinos in the cosmic ray flux with energies near 1 EeV and above are detectable with the Surface Detector array of the Pierre Auger Observatory. We report here on searches through Auger data from 1 January 2004 until 20 June 2013. No neutrino candidates were found, yielding a limit to the diffuse flux of ultra-high energy neutrinos that challenges the(More)