Giuseppe Carnevale

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OBJECTIVE We evaluated the prevalence of HIV-1 non-clade B over time in a formerly clade B-restricted area. Protease and reverse transcriptase regions of the pol gene were used for phylogenetic and recombination analysis and for clade assignment to HIV-1 A-D, F-H, J, and K strains of the M group. METHODS The pol gene of 349 HIV-1 patients belonging to the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the secular trends in MRSA BSIs after the introduction of a nosocomial MRSA control intervention. DESIGN Before-after study. SETTING An 850-bed community hospital with an ICU and vascular surgery, neurosurgery, bone marrow transplantation, and AIDS units. MRSA is endemic at this hospital; the prevalence of methicillin resistance(More)
OBJECTIVE Lipid disorders associated with the use of protease inhibitors (PI) may be a risk factor for premature atherosclerosis development. The aim of this study is to evaluate the extent of carotid intima media thickness (IMT) among HIV-positive patients treated with PI containing regimens compared to PI-naïve and HIV-negative subjects. METHODS We(More)
In an Italian hospital, we observed that hand hygiene was performed in 638 (19.6%) of 3,253 opportunities, whereas gloves were worn in 538 (44.2%) 1,218 of opportunities. We observed an inverse correlation between the intensity of care and the rate of hand hygiene compliance (R2=0.057; P<.001), but no such association was observed for the rate of glove use(More)
In this work we analysed the ultrastructural changes in S. aureus and S. sanguis after exposure to rifampicin and ampicillin respectively. S. aureus grown in the presence of rifampicin showed ultrastructural changes that can be summarized as follows: the peripheral cell-wall increased to three to five times the normal thickness; the cross-walls were(More)
We have devised a rapid and inexpensive gel filtration method to separate IgM fractions from small amounts of serum. These fractions have been titrated with IgM-IFAT and IgM-IHAT, and their titers have been compared with those obtained on whole serum. The results show that the separation of IgM from IgG allows detection of IgM antibodies in many cases of(More)
BACKGROUND The roles of hepatitis C virus (HCV) viremia and HCV genotype in the immune response to highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) are poorly understood. Our aim was to assess the CD4+ cell count recovery after HAART in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected patients with HCV viremia and HIV-infected patients who tested negative for HCV(More)
We report an outbreak of Serratia marcescens bloodstream infection due to contamination of total parenteral nutrition solution by insulin or poligeline solution when single-use vials were used for multiple doses in a surgical ward. Four patients had severe sepsis, and no patient died. Multidose vials, used either correctly or incorrectly, may be associated(More)
Brevundimonas vesicularis infrequently causes human infections. We describe a case of meningitis due to Brevundimonas vesicularis, resistant to piperacillin, gentamicin and amikacin as well as to cephalosporins, aztreonam, imipenem and meropenem. The meningitis was acquired in hospital by a patient operated for astrocytoma and represents a classical(More)