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AIMS Clinical data on the early and midterm outcomes of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS) in routine clinical practice are limited. To fill this gap, we report on the early and midterm clinical(More)
AIMS Our aim was to assess the feasibility and results of a hybrid approach with a bioresorbable scaffold (BRS) plus a drug-coated balloon (DCB) for the treatment of diffuse coronary artery disease(More)
AIMS The aim of the study was to develop a scoring model to evaluate the quality of bioresorbable vascular scaffold (BVS) implantation and determine the model's usefulness in predicting adverse(More)
BACKGROUND Data on the clinical performance of bioresorbable scaffolds in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) are still limited. The present study reported 1-year clinical outcomes associated with(More)
larger reference vessel diameter (2.94 vs. 2.79mm; p1⁄40.003), and a larger minimal lumen diameter (0.96 vs. 0.78mm; p<0.001) in patients undergoing post-dilatation. After BRS implantation minimal(More)