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PURPOSE To evaluate their susceptibility to audiogenic seizures, five groups of knockout mice with various forms of fragile X genetic involvement [hemizygous males (n = 46), and homozygous (n = 38) and heterozygous females (n = 45), and their normal male (n = 45) and female (n = 52) littermates] were studied. METHODS All mouse groups were tested at ages(More)
It has been proposed that interval 6 of the human Y chromosome contains the gene or genes that control spermatogenesis (AZF, azoospermia factor). We have studied this region in 33 patients with oligo- or azoospermia, using PCR amplification of the YRRM1 (RBM1) gene and of 13 sequence-tagged sites (STSs), all mapping within interval 6. Six of the 33 patients(More)
The long arm of the Y chromosome contains genes mapped in loci involved in male infertility, short stature and gonadoblastoma. However, many of these genes have not been fully characterized, and are not currently investigated in patients affected by such diseases. We report a study aimed to the genomic characterization of 5 genes mapped within the Y(More)
Using array comparative genome hybridisation (CGH) 41 de novo reciprocal translocations and 18 de novo complex chromosome rearrangements (CCRs) were screened. All cases had been interpreted as "balanced" by conventional cytogenetics. In all, 27 cases of reciprocal translocations were detected in patients with an abnormal phenotype, and after array CGH(More)
PURPOSE We determined the clinical utility of proton MR spectroscopy in defining the extent of disability in benign versus secondary-progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). METHODS Thirty patients with clinically definite MS, including 16 patients with benign MS and 14 with secondary-progressive MS, and a group of 13 healthy volunteers were studied with(More)
The findings at sequential MR imaging and proton MR spectroscopy of a patient with profound hypoxic-ischemic brain injury are reported. The pattern of structural and biochemical changes observed closely reflected the known evolution of postasphyxic brain degeneration. Particularly noteworthy were the sharp decrease of cortical N-acetylaspartate in the acute(More)
The 677T allele of the MTHFR gene has been suggested to represent a factor of risk for male infertility. In order to confirm this association, we investigated the presence of the 677T allele in 93 Italian infertile patients, selected after the exclusion of other possible genetic causes of infertility, and in 105 Italian fertile controls. The homozygous(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the accuracy of a new subcutaneous glucose sensor (Glucoday; A. Menarini Diagnostics) compared with venous blood glucose measurement in type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients. RESEARCH DESIGN A multicenter study was performed in 70 diabetic patients. A microdialysis fiber was inserted subcutaneously into the periumbelical region and(More)
A previous magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study from our group reported increased size of the right caudate nucleus in obsessive-compulsive patients compared with control subjects. To test the hypothesis of a structural abnormality underlying such volume alteration, MRI signal intensity (SI), as an index of T1 relaxation values, was measured in the(More)