Giuseppe Buja

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The paper gives an overview of the communication architectures adopted in the industrial automation for the electrical drives, ensuring a fast data exchange and high performance control. An attempt is made at defining real-time operation for this application field, at reviewing the standardization work done to unify the electrical drive interfaces, and at(More)
This paper describes the design of a drive-by-wire system for a commercial lift truck using the FlexCAN communication architecture. FlexCAN is a recently developed architecture based on the CAN protocol to support deterministic and safety-critical applications. The main features of FlexCAN are its simplicity and ready implementation based on COTS CAN(More)
This paper presents two light electric vehicles (LEVs) with a electric propulsion system developed at an academic laboratory. One LEV is an electric city scooter powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and propelled by a wheel motor drive. The other LEV is an electric bicycle powered by a fuel cell system with the assistance of a supercapacitor bank. Power(More)