Giuseppe Becchi

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OBJECTIVE To determine if the extent of lymphadenectomy (number of recovered lymph nodes) was associated with long-term outcome in patients operated on for stage B and C colon cancer. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Lymphatic spreading is the main prognostic indicator in colon cancer patients, although the optimal extent of lymphadenectomy and its prognostic(More)
From February 1983 to January 1985, 497 patients with advanced breast cancer were randomly allocated to receive either epirubicin or doxorubicin in the following combination chemotherapy regimen: fluorouracil (5-FU) 500 mg/m2 intravenous (IV) on days 1 and 8; epirubicin or doxorubicin 50 mg/m2 IV on day 1; cyclophosphamide 500 mg/m2 IV on day 1 (FEC or(More)
Horseshoe kidney is a rare congenital anomaly that can create various technical problems during surgery for repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm. The diagnosis of this anomaly should be confirmed preoperatively in order to plan surgical strategy. Nowadays, in more than 90% of all cases, ultrasonography, contrast computerized tomography, urography, and(More)
The aim of the present study is to confirm the antitumor activity of orally administered idarubicin (IDA) in patients with advanced breast cancer. Doxorubicin (ADRIA) was chosen as control treatment and the patients were randomized to receive either IDA or ADRIA according to a 2:1 ratio. Sixty-three patients, 77% of whom were pretreated with chemotherapy(More)
The TeleP@B (Electronic Technologies for the Participation to the Budget) project aims at the creation of new democratic participation in placing side by side traditional decision making processes concerning the theme of the shared building of investment priorities of municipal budgets, especially in those disadvantaged geographical mountain areas of(More)
In this paper we present Loki+Lire, a framework for the creation of web-based interfaces for search, annotation and presentation of multimedia data. The framework provides tools to ingest, transcode, present, annotate and index different types of media such as images, videos, audio files and textual documents. The front-end is compliant with the latest(More)