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The study aims were to evaluate (1) the interobserver and (2) the interdisciplinary repeatability of levator hiatus, urethral thickness, and anorectal angle measurements using three-dimensional endovaginal ultrasound (3D-EVUS). Twenty-seven nulliparous asymptomatic females were imaged with 3D-EVUS. Analyses were conducted off-line from stored 3D volumes by(More)
PURPOSE The aims of this prospective study were 1) to evaluate the accuracy of high-resolution three-dimensional endorectal ultrasonography in distinguishing slight from massive submucosal invasion of early rectal tumors, and 2) to determine the technology's role in treatment selection. METHODS A total of 142 consecutive patients with clinically possible(More)
BACKGROUND The Multidimensional Prognostic Index (MPI) based on a comprehensive geriatric assessment has been developed to predict mortality in hospitalized elderly patients. The Treviso Dementia (TREDEM) Study is an observational prospective cohort study of 1,364 outpatients evaluated at the Cognitive Impairment Center in Treviso, Italy from 2000 to(More)
BACKGROUND Atrophy of the external anal sphincter, a pathologic muscle volume anomaly associated with fecal incontinence, has been shown to be a negative predictor of the outcome of surgery for defects of the external anal sphincter. It is unclear whether external anal sphincter atrophy also affects the outcome of sacral nerve stimulation for fecal(More)
AIM to define an algorithm to estimate prevalence of ischemic heart disease from health administrative datasets. SETTING four Italian areas: Venezia, Treviso, Torino, Firenze. PARTICIPANTS resident population in the four areas in the period 2002-2004 (only 2003 for Firenze) for a total of 2,350,000 inhabitants in 2003. MAIN OUTCOMES annual crude and(More)
The availability of Electronic Health Archives (EHA) has increased remarkably over the last twenty years. As part of a joint project of the Italian Association of Epidemiology (AIE) and the Italian Association of Medical Statistics and Clinical Epidemiology (SISMEC), a workgroup of experts was set up in 2005 with the aim of comparing various experiences and(More)
OBJECTIVE The flow rate of the cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) pump used in cardiac surgery often undergoes inherent fluctuations ranging from 10% to 20% of its theoretic value. However, the effects of such alterations remain unknown. In the present study, the authors investigated whether such variations could induce changes in the microvascular flow, which is(More)
AIMS To assess the impact of the advertising image used in the health communication campaign 'Mummy Drinks Baby Drinks', aimed to raise awareness about the effects of drinking alcohol during pregnancy in the childbearing-aged population of the Local Health Authority of Treviso (Italy). The image depicted a foetus inside a glass of a local alcoholic drink.(More)
AIM Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can result in a range of harmful effects on the developing foetus and newborn, called Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). The identification of pregnant women who use alcohol enables to provide information, support and treatment for women and the surveillance of their children. The AUDIT-C (the shortened(More)
PURPOSE the purpose of this retrospective study was to present the outcomes of three different techniques for the treatment of type III acromioclavicular joint dislocations: arthroscopic TightRope (TR), arthroscopic GraftRope (GR), and open reconstruction of the coracoclavicular (CC) ligament using the Ligament Augmentation and Reconstruction System (LARS).(More)