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Rectourethral fistulas in adults is a rare but potentially devastating postoperative condition requiring complex and demanding surgery. Fibrin glue treatment has been used with some success in anal and rectovaginal fistulas, and in the case we present here this indication has been extended to a postoperative rectourethral fistula following radical(More)
A new series of monocyclic pseudopeptide tachykinin NK-2 receptor antagonists has been derived from the lead compound MEN11558. A synthesis for these molecules sharing the same intermediate was designed and performed. The replacement of the succinic moiety with an aspartic acid and the functionalization of its amino group with a wide variety of substituents(More)
An efficient synthesis of the cyclic decapeptide MEN 11270 [H-DArg1-Arg2 Pro3-Hyp4-Gly5-Thi6-Dab7-DTic8-Oic9-Arg10 c(7gamma - 10alpha)] was developed. Two three-dimensional orthogonal strategies were applied and compared: Fmoc/Tos/Boc (procedure A) and Fmoc/Pmc/Dde (procedure B). Both resulted in a 23-step strategy comprising the stepwise solid-phase chain(More)
Transrectal dynamic ultrasonography is a 3 dimensional study that identifies accurately bladder neck (B.N.) diseases during micturition, providing precise noninvasive images of the B.N. orifice and the posterior urethra. This technique requires a 7-10 Mhz high frequency linear transducer. Benign Prostaic Hyperplasia (BPH) may restrict the urethral lumen and(More)
A new method for the automatic phase correction of multidimensional NMR spectra is described. It is based on the whitening concept formulated as the 'maximization of the number of white pixels into a bitmap that corresponds to the spectrum'. This process of maximization can be factorized along the individual axes of the spectrum and this property makes the(More)
Zofenopril (1) is a new ACE inhibitor, used in therapy for hypertension and post-myocardial infarction. The protonated quasi-molecular ion (m/z 430) of 1, obtained under positive electrospray ionization conditions, loses a benzoic acid molecule (m/z 308), which in turn decomposes via loss of CO (m/z 280) when low-energy collisional-induced dissociation(More)
We have determined the structure in solution of a homodimeric protein that is a precursor to the locust neuropeptide adipokinetic hormone I using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. This precursor, called P1, is comprised of two 41 residue strands joined by a single inter-chain disulphide at Cys39. We have also determined the structure of an end(More)
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