Giuseppe Avellino

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In the first phase of the European DataGrid project, the 'workload management' package (WP1) implemented a working prototype, providing users with an environment allowing to define and submit jobs to the Grid, and able to find and use the " best " resources for these jobs. Application users have now been experiencing for about a year with this first release(More)
Application users have now been experiencing for about a year with the standardized resource brokering services provided by the 'workload management' package of the EU DataGrid project (WP1). Understanding, shaping and pushing the limits of the system has provided valuable feedback on both its design and implementation. A digest of the lessons, and " better(More)
Monospecific Kell blood group antibodies, of either human alloimmune or mouse monoclonal origin, react with a single surface-exposed protein of 93,000 daltons. Chymotryptic peptide maps of the 93,000-dalton protein isolated by antibodies of two different specificities (anti-K7 or anti-K14) indicate that Kell epitopes reside on the same protein. Kell protein(More)
Contemporary Grids are characterized by a middleware that provides the necessary virtualization of computation and data resources for the shared working environment of the Grid. In a large-scale view, different middleware technologies and implementations have to coexist. The SOA approach provides the needed architectural backbone for interoperable(More)
Workflows have an increasing role in scientific applications programming and business environment development because they are an effective technology to define composition of different pieces of knowledge, both in the application domain and in the business context. However, workflows are addressed in a number of different perspectives and no consensus has(More)
Kell blood-group-active protein has been isolated by labeling red cell surface proteins with 125I, sensitizing intact cells with anti-K1, anti-K2, anti-K7, or anti-K22, solubilizing the cell membranes, isolating immune complexes, and separating their components by sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Each antibody separated(More)
Many secretory proteins contain an amino-terminal propeptide extension which is removed prior to secretion. The point of cleavage is usually marked by a basic pair of amino acids containing arginine. Canavanine, an analogue of arginine, is incorporated into protein and has been shown to inhibit the proteolytic processing of several of these prosecretory(More)
Internet has allowed the exponential growing of the information available in all knowledge domains. This information is published in a non-coordinated way using different standards and formats. Traditional search engines solve with relative success the needs of most Internet users searching for general purpose information. However, specific users like(More)