Giuseppe Artese

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The method, the procedure and the results of the calibration of a low cost MEMS INS sensor are described and discussed. The reduced cost of the MEMSs sensors is very advantageous, but these sensors are characterized by much large errors. The accurate calibration of the sensors is very important for the determination of the systematic errors, like bias,(More)
In the paper, a procedure for detecting and tracking vehicles in a roundabout is presented. The image subtraction technique is used, along with geometric and radiometric filters. The problems due to the camera motion and the vehicle images overlapping are discussed. The results of a test regarding a roundabout are presented, in a case with a negligible(More)
Terrestrial methodologies, as high resolution laser scanning and digital photogrammetry, are used in many applications in the field of architectural and cultural heritage surveys: they are characterized by different operative procedures and precisions. Data deriving from acquisition of an architectural surface, “morphologically complex” but geometrically(More)
The use of volumetric targets for the automatic merging and orientation of laser scanner acquisitions has been experimented. The used procedure is fully automatic. The targets can also be used for the orientation of photogrammetric acquisitions, and allow to have a synergic coupling of different kinds of surveying. If a calibration grid is used, the(More)
This work illustrates a complete design flow of an electronic system developed to support applications in which there are the need to measure motion parameters and transmit them to a remote unit for real-time teleprocessing. In order to be useful in many operative contexts, the system is flexible, compact, and lightweight. It integrates a tri-axial inertial(More)
For the vehicle detection and tracking in the roundabouts, several difficulties have to be faced, e.g. the use of non nadiral perspectives, vehicle images overlapping and radiometric differences between top and side of the cars; the silhouette of the cars is, besides, not regular and the size is variable. In the paper, the upgrade of a procedure for(More)
An integrated sensor for the measurement and monitoring of position and inclination, characterized by low cost, small size and low weight, has been designed, realized and calibrated at the Geomatics Lab of the University of Calabria. The design of the prototype, devoted to the monitoring of landslides and structures, was aiming at realizing a fully(More)
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