Giuseppe Antonio Scala

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This paper proposes a mathematical model of a motorcycle that deals with the lateral and longitudinal dynamics, the tyre slip and the rear wheel traction. The vehicle is considered as an assembly of two rigid bodies. The proposed dynamic formulation is based on Lagrange's equations, it allows to formulate the equations of motion with 7 degrees of freedom(More)
This paper proposes to enhance an existing motorcycle dynamics model, in order to take account of the longitudinal dynamics, the wheels dynamics and the rear wheel traction. The added equations of motion are obtained using Lagrangian formulation. Also, to model the road surface, two additional equations describing the longitudinal slip and the longitudinal(More)
This paper proposes a simulation scenario in order to compare a proposed model of a motorcycle in cornering condition. The behaviours obtained by considering a linearized roll dynamic and a nonlinear roll dynamic have been investigated in order to evaluate their use in designing automatic stability controls of a motorcycle. The former model shows a linear(More)
In this paper an embedded system for accurate control of torque, speed and position of DC motors which actuate the joints of a robotic leg is presented. The proposed embedded system is not based on dedicated and expensive motor controllers but on a general purpose embedded board equipped with a 32bit microcontroller. For each motor the embedded system can(More)
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