Giuseppe Alibrandi

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The complete pH-rate profile of the hydrolysis reaction of aspirin, requiring many experiments in the past, was obtained by a single variable-parameter kinetic experiment carried out by varying the hydrogen ion concentration. The experiment was carried out spectrophotometrically, reading automatically absorbance, pH, and temperature inside the reaction(More)
Variable-parameter kinetic experiments were carried out using HPLC as analytical instrument. The hydrolysis of aspirin was followed both at variable-temperature and at variable-pH conditions. The peak areas relative to salicylic acid were processed by direct fit to a mathematical model and/or by differential method obtaining, by single experiments, the(More)
The dependence of the pseudo-first-order rate constant on the ionic strength for the alkaline hydrolysis of indomethacin has been obtained, for the first time, in a single kinetic experiment carried out by varying with time the salt concentration inside the reaction vessel. The kinetic profile obtained was processed using as a mathematical model the(More)
Pseudo-first-order rate constants for the hydrolysis of acetylsalicylic acid as a function of temperature have been obtained by variable-temperature kinetic experiments. A method, based on a generalization of non-isothermal analysis, has been used that takes advantage of the capabilities of modern data collection and processing systems. Both(More)
The racemization of (-)-adrenaline was followed by polarimetric variable-temperature kinetic experiments obtaining activation parameters and k(obs)(T) profile in one tenth of the time usually spent for traditional kinetic runs. A polarimeter connected to a computer for the acquisition and processing of the analytical data was used. The kinetic profiles were(More)