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The European project COMSON (coupled multiscale simulation and optimization in nanoelectronics) is a Marie Curie RTN project that involves five partners from academia and three from industry world, with the main objective of realising an experimental demonstrator platform (DP) in software code, which comprises coupled simulation of devices, interconnects,(More)
The limit of vanishing ratio of the electron mass to the ion mass in the isentropic transient Euler-Poisson equations with periodic boundary conditions is proved. The equations consist of the conservation laws for the electron density and current density for given ion density, coupled to the Poisson equation for the electrostatic potential. The limit is(More)
The information and communication technologies are transforming the way people learn. E-learning system not only provides new possibilities for personalized learning at home or workplace, but also reduces the requirements of the expensive classroom training and introduces new innovative forms of knowledge transferring. In this paper, we describe an(More)
The CoMSON project is a distributed European research project that combines research efforts from both academia and industry. This project is distributed among eight institutions across Europe. The aim of this project is to implement an experimental simulation platform (in software code) for devices in micro and nano-electronics with an integrated eLearning(More)
This paper introduces the implicit-IMOR method for differential algebraic equations. This method is a modification of the Index-aware model order reduction (IMOR) method proposed in our earlier papers which is the explicit-IMOR method. It also involves first splitting the differential-algebraic equations (DAEs) into differential and algebraic parts using a(More)