Giuseppe Acciani

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Environmental data sets are characterized by a huge amount of heterogeneous data from external fields. As the number of measured points grows, a strategy is needed to select and efficiently analyze the useful information from the whole data set. One efficient way of obtaining the validation-compression of data sets is the adoption of a restricted set of(More)
We describe an algorithm to build a graphical model—more precisely: a join tree representation of a Markov network— for a steady state analog circuit. This model can be used to do probabilistic diagnosis based on manufacturer supplied information about nominal values of electrical components and their tolerances as well as measurements made on the circuit.(More)
AbstrAct The chapter deals with the structural assessment of existing constructions, with a particular attention to seismic risk mitigation. Two aspects are involved: the appraisal of the actual conditions of the structure (material deterioration, preexist-ing damages) and the evaluation of the structural " vulnerability, " that is, the propensity to suffer(More)