Giuseppe A. Di Lucca

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A relevant consequence of the unceasing expansion of the Web and e-commerce is the growth of the demand ofnew Web sites and Web applications. As a result, Web sites and applications are usually developed without a fomlalized process, but Web pages are directly coded in an incremental way, where ne}10' pages are obtained by duplicating existing ones.(More)
Software testing is a diYcult task and testing Web-based applications may be even more diYcult, due to the peculiarities of such applications. In the last years, several problems in the Weld of Web-based applications testing have been addressed by research work, and several methods and techniques have been deWned and used to test Web-based applications(More)
As Web applications evolve, their structure may become more and more complex. Thus, systematic approaches/methods for Web application testing are needed. Existing methods take into consideration only those actions/events the user is prompted by the application itself, such as the selection of a hypertextual link or the submission of the data contained in a(More)
When a software system critical for an organization exhibits a problem during its operation, it is relevant to fix it in a short period of time, to avoid serious economical losses. The problem is therefore noticed to the organization having in charge the maintenance, and it should be correctly and quickly dispatched to the right maintenance team. We propose(More)
Cross site scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability of a Web application that is essentially caused by the failure of the application to check up on user input before returning it to the client's Web browser. Without an adequate validation, user input may include malicious code that may be sent to other clients and unexpectedly executed by their browsers, thus(More)
The growing diffusion of Web-based services in many and different business domains has triggered the need for new Web applications (WAs). The pressing market demand imposes very short time for the development of new WAs, and frequent modifications for existing ones. Well-defined software processes and methodologies are rarely adopted both in the development(More)
The number and the complexity of web applications are increasing dramatically to satisfy the market requests, and the need of effective approaches for comprehending them is growing accordingly. Recently, some reverse engineering methods and tools have been proposed to support the comprehension of a web application; the information recovered by these tools(More)