Giulio Sideri

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A case of a complete Kearns-Sayre syndrome, of early onset, associated with cerebral and cerebellar leukodystrophy and basal ganglia calcification is reported. The clinical, neurophysiological and morphological findings suggest multisystem involvement. Viene riportato un caso di sindrome di Kearns-Sayre completa ad esordio precoce, associata a(More)
We studied the clinical, neuropsychological, neurophysiologic, and genetic features of an Italian family with familial cortical myoclonic tremor with epilepsy (FCMTE). Clinically affected members of the family had limb and voice tremor, seizures, and myoclonus involving the eyelids during blinking. Neuropsychological testing disclosed visuospatial(More)
We studied 80 epileptic patients receiving antiepileptic drugs in mono- or polytherapy. For every patient, peroneal and median nerve motor conduction velocities and median nerve sensory conduction velocity were calculated. The average conduction velocity values were remarkably slower than those of a group of 55 normal subjects. We found at least one(More)
A case of a 15 years old boy with a Kleine-Levin syndrome is presented. Neurological examination and X-ray studies, including pneumoencephalography, were normal. Laboratory findings were also normal except for a flattened response to glucose load. The EEG was mildly abnormal, showing bifrontal discharges at 3 c/s, a finding already presented in other cases(More)
The present study represents a contribution to the knowledge of secondary hyperparathyroidism (SHP) in patients treated with anticonvulsant drugs (AC). In these subjects alterations of the calcium: phosphorus metabolism as rickets and osteomalacia are frequent; however literature data on SHP are scarce. Our research carried out on 29 adult patients under(More)
Three cases with "pyramidal" symptoms in which standing and/or walking evoked a tonic flexion of the toes and sole of the affected foot, have been studied from the clinical and electrophysiological standpoint. The phenomenon, for which the definition of tonic ambulatory foot respone (TAFR) is proposed, appeared to be triggered by cutaneous stimuli(More)
We compared two groups of patients with idiopathic epilepsy, 41 patients whose seizure frequency was not controlled by adequate therapy and 39 patients in good seizure control, in respect of hematology, kidney and liver function tests, serum IgG, IgA and IgM concentrations and drug concentrations. The only difference that emerged were in the serum(More)
A child with congenital fiber type disproportion without structural changes in muscle fibres is reported. Although this pattern suggests a favorable prognosis, the clinical worsening followed by death at the age of 17 months shows that there is as yet no predictor for a benign course for this myopathy. Viene riportato il caso di una bambina affetta da una(More)