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A collecting expedition has been carried out in the inland areas of the Basilicata Region, South Italy. Each of the 14 selected municipalities was subdivided in three strata based on the geographical distribution of population and orography: 1. city boundaries, 2. group of country houses, 3. isolated farm houses. Five sites were selected within each(More)
A collection of Armoracia rusticana Gaertn., Mey. et Scherb. (horseradish) has been established at the Institute of Plant Genetics—National Research Council—Thematic Centre for the Preservation of Mediterranean Biodiversity located in Policoro (MT). Collecting missions have been conducted in internal areas of Basilicata region (South Italy). Ethnobotanical(More)
BACKGROUND The paper refers to the knowledge and uses of plants and to the linked ritual practices as referred by Matteo (It.'Zì Matteo', En. 'Uncle Matthew'), one of the last elder healers in the Basilicata Region (South Italy). Particular attention is also paid to the uses of 'Vruca' (Tamarix gallica L.) as a medicinal and magical plant used to heal(More)
Ten accessions of wild Borago officinalis were collected during missions in the course of a research activity carried out on plants producing nutraceutical compounds. The aim was to identify populations that produce a higher content of γ-linolenic acid, as this compound has important therapeutic properties and has been used in medical tests to treat(More)
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