Giulio Sammarco

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Hydatidosis is a parasitic disease. It's generally localized in the liver and in the lung even if any other organ can be potentially affected. From 92 to 98 our group observed two cases of rare primitive localisation of echinococcosis (one mediastinal and one retroperitoneal cyst). The patients performed serologic and instrumental exams to establish the(More)
Osteoporotic fractures represent one of the most common cause of disability and one of the major voice in the health economic budget in many countries of the world. Fragility fractures are especially meta-epiphyseal fractures, in skeletal sites with particular biomechanic characteristic (hip, vertebrae), complex and with more fragments, with slow healing(More)
BACKGROUND Total extended gastrectomy (TEG) is indicated in the treatment of gastric cancer for necessity or to achieve an oncologic radicality. By this surgical treatment the stomach and other organs or a part of them involved by primitive tumor are removed. METHODS The authors report a study about 15 patients, out of 116 cases of gastric cancer,(More)
Meigs' syndrome is a rare clinical entity characterised with ovarian benign tumour, ascites and hydrothorax. Between January '94-September '98 we observed three patients with: ovarian neoformation, light (1 patient), moderate (2 patients) monolateral pleural effusion, moderate (2 patients) and considerable (1 patient) ascites. In all patients the(More)
The paper reports on experience with the use of Mersilene mesh in 6 patients with giant laparoceles. Besides being physiologically compatible, Mersilene mesh is recommended when traditional techniques fail. The Rives technique was used, placing the prostheses between the posterior sheath and the rectus muscle; in one case it was inserted under the(More)
On the basis of histo-pathological examinations of postoperative samples following gastrectomy for adenocarcinomas of the esophageal gastric junction, the usefulness of the abdominal approach for this kind of surgical treatment is questioned. Assessment is expressed with other authors about the need for an anatomo-surgical classification of the cardial(More)
Background The aging of the population and longer life expectancy entails an increased number of elderly patients with esophageal cancer and benign pathologies referred for surgical treatment. Esophageal cancer is a pathology that mainly involves elderly patients. The aim of this study is to assess the effects of age on the outcome of surgery for esophageal(More)
A personal case of enterocutaneous fistula secondary to total emergency colectomy is reported with particular emphasis on an effective form of radiological management, based on the percutaneous sclerosing of the fistulous tract using absolute ethanol and a hyperosmotic contrast medium (Angioconray 80%). By this approach a rapid closure of the fistulous(More)