Giulio Ragazzon

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The realization of artificial molecular motors capable of converting energy into mechanical work is a fascinating challenge of nanotechnology and requires reactive systems that can operate away from chemical equilibrium. This article describes the design and construction of a simple, supramolecular ensemble in which light irradiation causes the directional(More)
Tris-(N-phenylureido)-calix[6]arene derivatives are heteroditopic non-symmetric molecular hosts that can form pseudorotaxane complexes with 4,4'-bipyridinium-type guests. Owing to the unique structural features and recognition properties of the calix[6]arene wheel, these systems are of interest for the design and synthesis of novel molecular devices and(More)
The transport of substrates is one of the main tasks of biomolecular machines in living organisms. We report a synthetic small-molecule system designed to catch, displace, and release molecular cargo in solution under external control. The system consists of a bistable rotaxane that behaves as an acid-base controlled molecular shuttle, whose ring component(More)
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