Giulio Quarta

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The thiamine pyrophosphate (TPP) riboswitch employs modular domains for binding TPP to form a platform for gene expression regulation. Specifically, TPP binding triggers a conformational switch in the RNA from a transcriptionally active "on" state to an inactive "off" state that concomitantly causes the formation of a terminator hairpin and halting of(More)
Riboswitches are RNAs that modulate gene expression by ligand-induced conformational changes. However, the way in which sequence dictates alternative folding pathways of gene regulation remains unclear. In this study, we compute energy landscapes, which describe the accessible secondary structures for a range of sequence lengths, to analyze the(More)
Nearly 40 million people in Africa suffer from HIV/AIDS. African governments and international aid agencies have been working to combat this epidemic by vigorously promoting Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) programs. Despite the enormous subsidies offered by governments along with free Anti-RetroViral (ARV) drugs supplied by agencies, the(More)
Colonoscopy is the only screening test that allows for direct visualization of the entire colon and removal of polyps. Poor bowel preparation limits the diagnostic accuracy of colonoscopy, lowering rates of cecal intubation and adenoma detection ( 1–3 ). Th us, adequate bowel cleansing serves to avoid the risk associated with repeat colonoscopies.(More)
Recent studies of mammalian transcriptomes have identified numerous RNA transcripts that do not code for proteins; their identity, however, is largely unknown. Here we explore an approach based on sequence randomness patterns to discern different RNA classes. The relative z-score we use helps identify the known ncRNA class from the genome, intergene and(More)
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