Giulio Peretti

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The emergence of Internet of Things and the availability of inexpensive sensor devices and platforms capable of wireless communications enable a wide range of applications such as intelligent home and building automation, mobile healthcare, smart logistics, distributed monitoring, smart grids, energy management, asset tracking to name a few. These devices(More)
In this project we describe the state-of-the-art MAC protocols for Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks (EH-WSN). Differently from standard WSN, the goal is to efficiently take into account the possibility to recharge the built-in battery in order to improve the overall performance, rather than exploiting just the initial energy available. The(More)
This paper proposes the use evolvable hardware (EHW) for providing fault tolerance to an amplifier system in a signal-conditioning environment. The system has to maintain a given gain despite the presence of faults, without direct human intervention. The hardware setup includes a reconfigurable system on chip device and an external computer where a genetic(More)
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