Giulio Lorenzini

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A number of biological and chemical tests have been developed over the years to determine whether a person was drowned. This study focuses on the potential of a microbiological test for detecting common bacterial markers of water faecal pollution such as faecal coliforms (FC) and faecal streptococci (FS) as possible indicators of drowning. A promising(More)
Recently, Scientometrics has published a paper titled “Is there bias in editorial choice? Yes” (Moustafa 2015) in which some comments are given on our published paper in Nature titled “Is there fame bias in editorial choice?” (Mahian et al. 2015). Unfortunately, the author of above mentioned paper and many other readers might misunderstand the main aim of(More)
Atherosclerosis is a slow vascular degeneration. It thickens the internal walls of a blood vessel locally depositing an atherosclerotic plaque. Such reduced lumen increases the resistance to blood flow. Plaques can be punctual (eccentric, here considered) or circumferential (symmetrical). Stenoses do not have a typical shape: we hypothesised here a(More)
In the use of intravascular Doppler catheters, one of the most common techniques to study the coronary arteries, the velocity field measured is partially affected by the presence of the catheter itself inside the blood vessel. It is therefore fundamental to quantify the nature of this disturbance. This paper treats a numerical investigation of the problem(More)
In this study, convection flow in microchannel heat sink with offset fan-shaped reentrant cavities in sidewall filled with Fe 3 O 4-water is numerically investigated. The effects of changing some parameters such as Reynolds number and magnetic field are considered. The nanofluid flow is laminar, steady and incompressible, while the thermo-physical(More)
The main concern of the present article is to study steady magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) flow, heat transfer and entropy generation past a permeable rotating disk using a semi numerical/analytical method named Homotopy Analysis Method (HAM). The results of the present study are compared with numerical quadrature solutions employing a shooting technique with(More)
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