Giulio Ferraresi

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The ret oncogene frequently has been found activated in papillary thyroid carcinomas. A previous characterization of ret activation revealed recombination of its tyrosine kinase domain and sequences derived from an uncharacterized locus (D10S170). The mechanism leading to this recombination was identified as a paracentric inversion of the long arm of(More)
Papillary thyroid carcinomas have frequently been found to display oncogenic rearrangements of the NTRK1 gene, which encodes the high-affinity nerve growth factor receptor. Replacement of its extracellular domain by sequences coding for the 221 amino-terminal residues of the TPM3 gene was responsible for the oncogenic NTRK1 activation in three of eight of(More)
We investigated during the first lithiation/delithiation process the electrochemical reaction mechanisms at the surface of 30 nm n-doped amorphous silicon (a-Si) thin film used as a negative model electrode for Li-ion batteries. Usage of thin film allowed us to accurately discern the different reaction mechanisms occurring at the surface by avoiding(More)
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