Giulio Ciraolo

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We prove that the boundary of a (not necessarily connected) bounded smooth set with constant nonlocal mean curvature is a sphere. More generally, and in contrast with what happens in the classical case, we show that the Lipschitz constant of the nonlocal mean curvature of such a boundary controls its C 2-distance from a single sphere. The corresponding(More)
In this talk we present a new approach to the problem of transparent boundary conditions for the Helmholtz equation in unbounded domains. Our approach is based on the minimization of an integral functional arising from a volume integral formulation of the radiation condition at infinity ([1]). The most used methods to create transparent boundary conditions(More)
We present a method of control of chaos in area-preserving maps. This method gives an explicit expression of a control term which is added to a given area-preserving map. The resulting controlled map which is a small and suitable modification of the original map, is again area-preserving and has an invariant curve whose equation is explicitly known.