Giulio Aliberti

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A recent research thread focused on Unattended Wireless Sensor Networks (UWSNs), that are characterized by the intermittent presence of the sink. An adversary can take advantage of this behavior trying to erase a piece of information sensed by the network before the sink collects it. Therefore, without a mechanism in place to assure data availability, the(More)
In this paper, we introduce EXPress closED ITemset Enumeration (Expedite), a new Frequent Closed Itemset (FCI) miner designed to speed up the process of FCIs extraction from a dataset of transactions. Compared to the state of the art, Expedite provides a CPU time saving of up to two orders of magnitude without compromising other dimensions of performance(More)
In a typical secure communication system, messages undergo two different encodings: an error-correcting code is applied at the physical layer to ensure correct reception by the addressee (integrity), while at an upper protocol layer cryptography is leveraged to enforce secrecy with respect to eavesdroppers (confidentiality). All constructive solutions(More)
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