Giuliano Orlandi

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BACKGROUND Summer 2003 witnessed an excess in heat-related mortality in the elderly population. The Argento Project was planned to define risk factors for heat-related death in Modena, Italy, during the hottest month of 2003 (August). METHODS We performed a retrospective, case-control study of a cohort of 394 older persons living in Modena, 197 dead(More)
Measurements of coherent diffraction radiation from a slit of variable width generated by short electron bunches were performed in millimeter and submillimeter ranges. Experimental data are compared with the transition radiation case and theoretical predictions. A more realistic description than the conventional theory is necessary to account for the data(More)
Terahertz transient conductivity measurements are performed on pentacene single crystals, which directly demonstrate a strong coupling of charge carriers to low frequency molecular motions with energies centered around 1.1 THz. We present evidence that the strong coupling to low frequency motions is the factor limiting the conductivity in these organic(More)
Microfluidic separation of magnetic particles is based on their capture by magnetized microcollectors while the suspending fluid flows past the microcollectors inside a microchannel. Separation of nanoparticles is often challenging because of strong Brownian motion. Low capture efficiency of nanoparticles limits their applications in bioanalysis. However,(More)
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