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Carcass fatness is an important trait in most pig breeding programs. Following market requests, breeding plans for fresh pork consumption are usually designed to reduce carcass fat content and increase lean meat deposition. However, the Italian pig industry is mainly devoted to the production of Protected Designation of Origin dry cured hams: pigs are(More)
Since the 1950s, intensification and scale enlargement of agriculture have changed agricultural landscapes across Europe. The intensification and scale enlargement of farming was initially driven by the large-scale application of synthetic fertilizers, mechanization and subsidies of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Then, after the 1990s, a(More)
In some situations, the distribution of the error terms of a multivariate linear regression model may depart from normality. This problem has been addressed , for example, by specifying a different paramet-ric distribution family for the error terms, such as mul-tivariate skewed and/or heavy-tailed distributions. A new solution is proposed, which is(More)
It is a great pleasure to have the chance of reading and commenting on this very interesting paper that provides a unified view on non-gaussian mixture models. It is a very hot topic that has recently been receiving increasing attention in the literature. This paper is especially welcome as it offers to the reader an up-to-date review, with interesting(More)