Giuliano Benenti

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In many applications entanglement must be distributed through noisy communication channels that unavoidably degrade it. Entanglement cannot be generated by local operations and classical communication (LOCC), implying that once it has been distributed it is not possible to recreate it by LOCC. Recovery of entanglement by purely local control is however not(More)
A Bose-Einstein condensate in an oscillating spatially asymmetric potential is shown to exhibit a directed current for unbiased initial conditions despite time symmetry. This phenomenon occurs only if the interaction between atoms, treated in mean-field approximation, exceeds a critical value. Our findings can be described with a three-mode model. These(More)
We study the fidelity of quantum teleportation for the situation in which quantum logic gates are used to provide the long distance entanglement required in the protocol, and where the effect of a noisy environment is modeled by means of a generalized amplitude damping channel. Our results demonstrate the effectiveness of the quantum trajectories approach,(More)
We study both analytically and numerically the decay of fidelity of classical motion for integrable systems. We find that the decay can exhibit two qualitatively different behaviors, namely, an algebraic decay that is due to the perturbation of the shape of the tori or a ballistic decay that is associated with perturbing the frequencies of the tori. The(More)
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