Giuliano Becker

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Rats with lesions of the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) and intact rats were maintained on restricted feeding with the duration of food access ranging from 4 to 12 hr. All rats with SCN lesions displayed at least some anticipatory activity (AA) at all food access durations. The amount of AA diminished when food access was extended to 12 hr and was lowest in a(More)
Analysis of T waves in the ECG is an essential clinical tool for diagnosis, monitoring, and follow-up of patients with heart dysfunction. During atrial flutter, this analysis has been so far limited by the perturbation of flutter waves superimposed over the T wave. This paper presents a method based on missing data interpolation for eliminating flutter(More)
INTRODUCTION Radiofrequency(RF) ablation has become the first line of therapy for atrial flutter(AFL). Advances in catheter and mapping technologies have led to better understanding and different approaches for treating this arrhythmia. We describe the results of different approaches to ablate this arrhythmia. MATERIALS AND METHODS A cohort of 198(More)
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