Giuliano Barbaresi

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on the test results. The data shown in Table 1 also reject this hypothesis and suggest that temperature alone does not affect the tested variables. There are almost no arguments against the value of umbilical artery blood gases analysis taken postpartum in cases indicated by anteand intrapartum events. Because blood is a living tissue, it has been argued(More)
Potentiometric stripping analysis and constant current stripping analysis are proposed as routine methods for analysis of copper, zinc and selenium in plasma and urine samples. The analytical performance of these methods is comparable with that reported for atomic absorption spectrometry. However the low cost, greater simplicity of the apparatus, and the(More)
The lipid composition of S. cerevisiae cells was studied in different conditions of pH and of HCO3 - and CO2 concentration. Increasing the concentration of CO2 in the broth determines an increase of total lipids, of total fatty acids, and of the relative amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Changing the concentration of bicarbonates at constant pCO2 does not(More)
The activities and subcellular distribution of the following enzymes: NADH oxidase, alkaline phosphatase, beta-glucuronidase and ATPase, were assayed in human mononuclear and polymorphonuclear leucocytes and in particular the contamination and integrity of the mitochondrial fractions were evaluated with this new separation procedure. Results show that(More)
Serum fructosamine levels in 36 subjects with various types of multiple myeloma and in 64 normal controls were evaluated by means of a Nitroblue tetrazolium colorimetric assay. Only the IgA myeloma group showed significantly raised serum fructosamine values (P less than 0.001). In the IgG myeloma group, which showed a higher mean serum protein(More)
Recent advances in the performance ofautomatic analysers and in computer technology, although both share the aim of increasing speed, ease and operational capacity, have paradoxically led to a stalemate in many clinical laboratories. The new autoanalysers equipped with computers are capable of coping with a large analytical load, but often they can only(More)
N-( 1-naphthyl)-ethylendiamine-dihydrochloride (NEDD) and its derivatives have been used as secondary calibrators for continuous-flow analytical instruments (for example Technicon’s SMAC) [1]. These molecules are known to react with the diazonium salts, yielding azoderivatives which have spectral qualities similar to those of azobilirubin. NEDD has also(More)
Intra-laboratory quality-control (intra-lab QC) is the best way of checking the performance of single components of analytical systems (methods, instruments, technicians) [1]. However, the time-consuming and tedious statistical methods necessary, if manually performed, provide late information that reduces the validity of intra-lab QC. In order to make this(More)