Giuliana Taglieri

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A glass ceramic composite was obtained by sinter-crystallisation of vitrified municipal solid waste bottom ashes with the addition of various percentages of alumina waste. The sintering was investigated by differential dilatometry and the crystallisation of the glass particles by differential thermal analysis. The crystalline phases produced by the thermal(More)
Iron-rich glass-ceramics were obtained by the sintering of two glass powders, labeled G1 and G2, at heating rates of 5° and 20°C/min followed by an isothermal step in the 850°–1050°C temperature interval. The sintering process was evaluated by the linear shrinkage; the closed porosity was estimated by density measurements; the structure and the morphology(More)
The present paper is focused on physico-mechanical pre-treatments of spent hydrotreating catalysts aimed at concentration of at least one of the valuable metals contained in such secondary raw material. In particular, dry Ni-Mo and Co-Mo as well as wet Ni-Mo catalysts were used. Flotation, grain size separation and attrition processes were tested. After(More)
The sintering and the crystallization of two iron-rich glass compositions (45–75m powder fractions) were studied in air and nitrogen atmospheres. The phase formation was evaluated by differential thermal analysis, while the densification, by dilatometry; the crystalline phases were identified by X-ray diffraction and the structure observed by scanning(More)
We report the characterization of a soft x-ray plasma source generated by a long-pulse XeCl excimer laser system. The output energy is 4 J at a wavelength of 308 nm in a 100-ns pulse. The intensity of radiation on target is estimated to be 4 × 1012 W cm-2. X-ray emission spectra of the plasma have been recorded using a double focusing spatial resolution(More)
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