Giuliana Solinas

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OBJECTIVE (1) To assess cognitive function and cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) involvement in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis; (2) to monitor disease evolution, cognitive dysfunction, and cerebral lesion burden over time (mean 8.5 year follow up period); (3) to study the relation between clinical, neuropsychological, and MRI data. On follow(More)
Oestrosis, the nasal myiasis of sheep and goats, is caused by the larvae of Oestrus ovis L. 1758 (Diptera, Oestridae) that develop from the first to the third stage larva in the nasal cavities and frontal sinuses of affected animals. The authors report the results of an epidemiological study of oestrosis of sheep in Sardinia, Italy. Heads of 6-month to(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the relationship between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and cognitive function by means of oddball event-related potentials (ERPs) and to determine the usefulness of this methodology in the cognitive status assessment of physically disabled patients. METHODS Visual and auditory oddball ERPs were recorded in 16 consecutive(More)
Several lines of evidence indicate a genetic contribution to multiple sclerosis (MS) both in terms of predisposition to the disease and of immunological mechanisms which are known to play crucial roles in MS pathogenesis. The presence of high- and low-risk areas for MS in neighbouring regions supports the theory that MS predisposition is influenced by a(More)
Our aim was to describe socio-economic and behavioural factors related to caries experience in school children in Sassari, Sardinia (Italy). Four hundred and three 12-year-old schoolchildren were randomly selected and their teeth clinically examined after air drying, under standard light using a plain mirror and WHO community periodontal index for treatment(More)
OBJECTIVES To update prevalence and incidence rates of MS among Sardinians. MATERIALS AND METHODS The present work is a "spider" kind of population based survey, conducted over the interval 1968-97, on patients with MS (Poser criteria) living in the province of Sassari, Northern Sardinia (454,904 population). RESULTS A crude total prevalence rate of(More)
OBJECTIVE Hypercholesterolemia (total cholesterol ≥ 200 mg/dl) is a significant risk factor for ischemic heart, cerebrovascular, and peripheral vascular disease. Increased cholesterol in the glandular secretion has been postulated to be necessary for the development of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), a common form of chronic blepharitis. The purpose of(More)
Studies suggested the intake of Cd from diet can be approximately equivalent to that from smoking. Moreover, a mutual metabolic influence between Cd and nutrients has been reported. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between blood cadmium concentration (BCdC) and food consumption, nutrients intake (Ca, Fe, Zn, vitamin C, and vitamin(More)
No recent data on the experience of caries among Italian 12-year-olds are available. In 2004, an epidemiological survey called 'National Pathfinder among Children's Oral Health in Italy' was promoted and carried out. This study reports the actual oral health status of Italian 12-year-olds according to gender, residence area and geographical distribution.(More)
BACKGROUND Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection is the most frequent congenital infection in humans. Its prevalence and the frequency of disabling sequelae must be assessed in different populations to permit the formulation or assessment of preventive measures. OBJECTIVES To check the prevalence of congenital infection and seroprevalence in Italy; to verify(More)