Giuliana Fassina

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Site-specific, truncated, and sequence-simplified analogs of the hormone [Arg8]vasopressin were investigated for the relationship between their abilities to recognize immobilized bovine neurophysin and to promote neurophysin self-association. Peptide binding to neurophysin was measured quantitatively by analytical high performance affinity chromatography on(More)
Fluoroprostacyclin (10,10-difluoro-13,14-dehydroprostacyclin) a stable analogue of PGI2, induced an increase of contractile tension and a positive chronotropic effect on spontaneously beating guinea-pig atria. The increase in contractile tension was proportional to the dose (10(-8) to 2.5 X 10(-7) M) and never exceeded 40% of absolute initial controls. The(More)
The effects of adenine compounds and UTP were examined in electrically driven rat left atria. ATP, ADP, AMP, adenosine and UTP caused a dual inotropic effect: first a rapid decrease in contractility, and second an increase in contractile tension. α,β-Methylene ATP caused an increase in contractile tension only, whereas 2-methylthio-ATP only induced a(More)
The effects of some old and new methylxanthines and 6-thioxanthines, i.e. theophylline (TH), caffeine (CAFF), thiotheophyl line (S-TH), thiocaffeine (S-CAFF), 8-phenyltheophylline (8-PT), 3-isobutyl-1-methyl-xanthine (IBMX) were compared at the level of adipose tissue on spontaneous and norepinephrine-induced lipolysis as well as on fat cell(More)
1. The pharmacological properties of a vasodilating purine-activated receptor that is not a P1 or P2-purinoceptor were investigated. 2. In rabbit isolated thoracic aorta precontracted with noradrenaline, ATP induced a 50% relaxation at 0.25 mM (EC 50%); in the absence of endothelium, EC 50% was 2.5 mM. 3. Adenosine induced a relaxation that was not(More)
Serum and aortic tissue cholesterol levels in parallel with aortic relaxation to endothelium-dependent and independent drugs were determined in Watanabe heritable hyperlipidemic (WHHL) rabbits in comparison with New Zealand (N.Z.) normocholesterolemic rabbits, aged 4-14 months. Serum cholesterol was elevated (626 +/- 99 mg/100 ml) in 4-6-month-old WHHL(More)
Three sets of parameters, (i) relaxation to acetylcholine (Ach), ATP and NaNO2, (ii) cholesterol content in aortic tissue, and (iii) energy metabolism were compared in normal and atherosclerotic rabbits, fed 1% cholesterol for eight weeks. A special protocol was envisaged to permit a strict comparison between Ach, ATP and NaN O2 at different levels of(More)