Giulia Tagliapietra

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PURPOSE Despite the high and increasing prevalence of allergic diseases in athletes, allergy diagnostics is not part of the routine medical examination in sports medicine. This study reports the development and validation of an easy and reliable questionnaire for screening allergy in athletes. METHODS AQUA was derived from the European Community(More)
Although CD4(+)/CD25(+) T regulatory cells (T(regs)) are a potentially powerful tool in bone marrow transplantation, a prerequisite for clinical use is a cell-separation strategy complying with good manufacturing practice guidelines. We isolated T(regs) from standard leukapheresis products using double-negative selection (anti-CD8 and anti-CD19 monoclonal(More)
A case of a patient with headache, visual deficiency in his left eye quickly worsening up to blindness and ischemic necrosis in the scalp regions supplied by the superficial temporal arteries, is reported. This acute gangrene began as a bandlike ischemic lesion in the temporo-parietal regions of both sides, rapidly enlarged, and acquired bizarre irregular(More)
The authors describe a controlled clinical study in which rifamycin SV 250 mg intramuscularly and topical b.i.d. was compared to intramuscular neuramide b.i.d. plus, where necessary, other drugs (antibiotics, polivitamins, analgesics, etc.) for the treatment of two groups of thirty randomly selected patients suffering from herpes zoster. In all patients the(More)
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