Giulia Stuppia

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Mitofusin 2 (MFN2) is a GTPase dynamin-like protein of the outer mitochondrial membrane, encoded in the nuclear genome by the MFN2 gene located on the short (p) arm of chromosome 1. MFN2 protein is involved in several intracellular pathways, but is mainly involved in a network that has an essential role in several mitochondrial functions, including fusion,(More)
Motor neuron diseases (MNDs) are neuromuscular disorders affecting rather exclusively upper motor neurons (UMNs) and/or lower motor neurons (LMNs). The clinical phenotype is characterized by muscular weakness and atrophy leading to paralysis and almost invariably death due to respiratory failure. Adult MNDs include sporadic and familial amyotrophic lateral(More)
Charcot-Marie-Tooth 2A (CMT2A) is an inherited peripheral neuropathy caused by mutations in MFN2, which encodes a mitochondrial membrane protein involved in mitochondrial network homeostasis. Because MFN2 is expressed ubiquitously, the reason for selective motor neuron (MN) involvement in CMT2A is unclear. To address this question, we generated MNs from(More)
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