Giulia Pavan

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Humans tend to shift attention in response to the averted gaze of a face they are fixating, a phenomenon known as gaze cuing. In the present paper, we aimed to address whether the social status of the cuing face modulates this phenomenon. Participants were asked to look at the faces of 16 individuals and read fictive curriculum vitae associated with each of(More)
The genus Myroides comprises aerobic, yellow-pigmented, non-motile, non-fermenting gram-negative rods formerly classified as Flavobacterium odoratum. Members of the genus are widely distributed in the environment, especially in water, and usually behave as low-grade opportunistic pathogens, having been found to cause urinary tract infection, endocarditis,(More)
Viewing a face with averted gaze results in a spatial shift of attention in the corresponding direction, a phenomenon defined as gaze-mediated orienting. In the present paper, we investigated whether this effect is influenced by social factors. Across three experiments, White and Black participants were presented with faces of White and Black individuals. A(More)
The aim of the study is the identification of genetic factors that influence the long-term response to interferon-β (IFNβ) (4-year follow-up). We performed a genome-wide association study in 337 IFNβ-treated Italian multiple sclerosis patients at the extreme of treatment response, and we meta-analyzed association effects, integrating results with pathway(More)
Recent studies have tried to shed light on the automaticity of attentional shifts triggered by gaze and arrows with mixed results. In the present research, we aimed at testing a strong definition of resistance to suppression for orienting of attention elicited by these two cues. In five experiments, participants were informed with 100% certainty about the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this prospective study is to assess the time lapse between the onset of recurring headache and the correct diagnosis in a cohort of pediatric patients attending an Italian children's headache center for the first time. METHODS One hundred and one patients and parents, referred to the Pediatric Headache Centre of San Raffaele Hospital(More)
Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients frequently suffer from limb spasticity and pain despite antispastic treatments. To investigate nabiximols efficacy and safety in a real-world monocentric Italian cohort, the following data were collected at baseline, week 4, 14 and 48: Ambulation Index (AI), 10-min walking test (10MWT), combined Modified Ashworth scale(More)
The use of complementary alternative medicine (CAM) in paediatric populations is considerably increased, especially for pain and chronic conditions, as demonstrated by epidemiological surveys both in Europe and in the USA. In our study, CAM was used in 76 % patients of a cohort of 124 children affected by headache (age 4–16 years; 67 % female; 70 % migraine(More)
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