Giulia Palombo

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Hemodynamics effects of ethanol were studied in young adults at specific predetermined ethanol levels of 0.025%, 0.05%, and 0.75%. Findings included a decrease in end-systolic wall stress (afterload) and myocardial contractility following ingestion of ethanol at concentrations found in "social drinking."
Affinity chromatography represents one of the most powerful fractionation techniques for the large-scale purification of biotechnological products. Despite its potential, the use of this methodology is limited by the availability of specific ligands for each target. Combinatorial chemistry and molecular modeling, often combined, have become interesting and(More)
In this article, the authors combine models of timing and Bayesian revision of information concerning patch quality to predict foraging behavior. Pigeons earned food by pecking on 2 keys (patches) in an experimental chamber. Food was primed for only 1 of the patches on each trial. There was a constant probability of finding food in a primed patch, but it(More)
A synthetic ligand [TG19318], able to mimic protein A in the recognition of the immunoglobulin Fc portion, has been previously identified in our laboratory through the synthesis and screening of multimeric combinatorial peptide libraries. In this study we have fully characterized its applicability in affinity chromatography for the downstream processing of(More)
While monoclonal antibodies of the G class can be conveniently purified by affinity chromatography using immobilized protein A or G, even on a large scale, scaling up IgM purification still presents several problems, since specific and cost-effective ligands for IgM are not available. A synthetic peptide (TG19318), deduced from the screening of a(More)
We reported previously that TG19318, a synthetic ligand deduced from the screening of combinatorial libraries, displays specific and selective recognition properties for immunoglobulins of the G class and can be used conveniently for affinity chromatography purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. In this study we have extended the ligand(More)
A synthetic ligand (TG19318), deduced from the screening of a combinatorial peptide library, has been previously characterized by our group for its applicability in affinity chromatography for polyclonal and monoclonal IgG purification from crude sources. In this study we have extended the characterization of its recognition properties for other(More)
This study reports on the cross-modal analysis (video and audio) of spontaneous narratives produced by children (9 plus-minus 3 months years old) and is aimed to test the role of empty speech pauses of different duration in children discourse organization. Video analysis was necessary to assess the association between utterance’s meaning and pauses. Empty(More)
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