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Although avoidance of occupational triggers remains the primary step in the management of work-related allergies, immunological treatments (including biological agents and specific immunotherapy) can be regarded as potential therapeutic options for IgE-mediated diseases; for example, many studies with allergen-specific immunotherapy have been carried out on(More)
Kawasaki disease was described by T. Kawasaki in Japan in 1967 and since then numerous cases have been reported from all over the world. The Authors reports a review of the literature on the main epidemiologic, clinical, etiopathogenetic aspects of the Kawasaki disease, pointing up the present therapeutical trends and the importance of a correct follow-up.(More)
Acute diarrhoeas in children represent still now a very serious problem for Public Health either in developing or in industrialized Countries. In the last years great progress has been made in the aetiology and epidemiology of this disease. The most important results, which are worth recording, obtained in this field are: the detection of Rotavirus as a(More)
An abnormal peak of mortality attributed to an unusually persisting heat wave (HW) has been recorded throughout Italy by the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) during the summer of 2015 [1]. During this time frame a group of patients with an initial diagnosis of severe sepsis or septic shock-related multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) were(More)
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