Giulia Gorelli

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BACKGROUND The expansion of fishing activities has intensively transformed marine ecosystems worldwide. However, available time series do not frequently cover historical periods. METHODOLOGY Fishers' perceptions were used to complement data and characterise changes in fishing activity and exploited ecosystems in the Spanish Mediterranean Sea and Gulf of(More)
The effects of bottom trawling on benthic invertebrates include reductions of biomass, diversity and body size. These changes may negatively affect prey availability for demersal fishes, potentially leading to reduced food intake, body condition and yield of fishes in chronically trawled areas. Here, the effect of trawling on the prey availability and diet(More)
Primary and secondary immunodepressive conditions are associated with an increased incidence of sebaceous tumors. Microsatellite instability (MSI) and lack of expression of mismatch repair (MMR) proteins, typical markers of Muir–Torre/Lynch heredo-familial settings, can be recognized also in immunocompromised patients. We aimed to carry on a systematic(More)
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