Giulia Franchi

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This document presents a mathematical model of the states of a three-fingered robotic hand (Robotiq 3-Finger Adaptive Gripper) in quasistatic equilibrium with and without contact with an object. The mechanical coupling and the breakaway mechanism of the under-actuated robotic hand as well as its contact with the object are modeled as a hybrid system which(More)
— ROBOPuppet is a method to create inexpensive, tabletop-sized robot models to provide teleoperation input to full-sized robots. It provides a direct physical correspondence from the device to the robot, which is appealing because users form an immediate " mental mapping " of the input-output behavior. We observe that untrained users can immediately exploit(More)
The purpose of this study was to adapt a multipurpose robotic arm for gait rehabilitation. An advantage of this approach is versatility: a robotic arm can be attached to almost any point on the body to assist with lower- and upper-extremity rehabilitation. This may be more cost-effective than purchasing and training rehabilitation staff to use several(More)
— This paper introduces and characterizes the Bax-ter Easyhand, a new 3D printed hand derived from the Yale T42 hand [7], [12], but designed specifically to be mounted on the Baxter robot from Rethink robotics. Because this hand is designed specifically for Baxter, we are able to make some important simplifications in the design relative to other 3D printed(More)
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