Giulia Droandi

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Systems employing biometric traits for people authentication and identification are witnessing growing popularity due to the unique and indissoluble link between any individual and his/her biometric characters. For this reason, biometric templates are increasingly used for border monitoring, access control, membership verification, and so on. When employed(More)
An inviscid actuator disk model is embedded in a three-dimensional low-order panel method code for inviscid incompressible flow in order to study the propeller effects on an arbitrary body. The actuator disk model predicts the time–averaged induced velocities in the slipstream of a propeller with an arbitrary radial distribution of load. The model is(More)
Being unique and immutable for each person, biometric signals are widely used in access control systems. While biometric recognition appeases concerns about password's theft or loss, at the same time it raises concerns about individual privacy. Central servers store several enrolled biometrics, hence security against theft must be provided during biometric(More)
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