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Betulinic acid is a PPARγ antagonist that improves glucose uptake, promotes osteogenesis and inhibits adipogenesis
Betulinic acid (BA), a compound already known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and antidiabetic properties, is identified as a PPARγ and PPARα antagonist and indicates a unique binding mode of this antagonist type. Expand
Synthesis of Adenine Nucleosides by Transglycosylation using Two Sequential Nucleoside Phosphorylase‐Based Bioreactors with On‐Line Reaction Monitoring by using HPLC
Uridine phosphorylase from Clostridium perfringens (CpUP, EC was immobilized covalently in an aminopropylsilica monolithic column (25 mm×4.6 mm) upon functionalization with glutaraldehyde.Expand
Synthesis of Ribavirin, Tecadenoson, and Cladribine by Enzymatic Transglycosylation
Despite the impressive progress in nucleoside chemistry to date, the synthesis of nucleoside analogues is still a challenge. Chemoenzymatic synthesis has been proven to overcome most of theExpand
Immobilization of Neutral Protease from Bacillus subtilis for Regioselective Hydrolysis of Acetylated Nucleosides: Application to Capecitabine Synthesis
A stable enzyme derivative was obtained and successfully used in the development of efficient preparative bioprocesses for the hydrolysis of acetylated nucleosides, giving new intermediates for the synthesis of capecitabine in high yield. Expand
Immobilized purine nucleoside phosphorylase from Aeromonas hydrophila as an on-line enzyme reactor for biocatalytic applications.
Comparison with the soluble enzyme showed that the AhPNP-based bioreactor is reliable as the same ranking order, with respect to the standard activity assay, was obtained. Expand
Development, validation and application of a 96-well enzymatic assay based on LC-ESI-MS/MS quantification for the screening of selective inhibitors against Mycobacterium tuberculosis purine
The development and validation of a new 96-well LC-ESI-MS/MS method to assess the inhibition activity of nucleoside analogues towards MtbPNP and the human PNP (HsPNP) demonstrated the reliability of the newly developed enzymatic assay. Expand