Giulia Carmassi

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The environmental impact of greenhouse production in France is poorly documented. Environmental benefits versus drawbacks of greenhouse production are not well known. Assessments that intregrate pesticide toxicology and transfer of mass and energy are scarce. Here, we compared the main types of tomato production, heated, year-round production in plastic(More)
A composite model was developed for water and mineral relations of greenhouse tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) cultivated in semi-closed or open soilless (rockwool) culture. The model simulated on a daily basis: (i) the evolution of crop leaf area index and water uptake using empirical equations; and (ii) the variations of ion concentrations and electrical(More)
Although the physiological and molecular mechanisms of flower development and senescence have been extensively investigated, a whole-flower partitioning study of mineral concentrations has not been carried out. In this work, the distribution of sucrose, total reducing sugars, dry and fresh weight and macro and micronutrients were analysed in Hibiscus(More)
There is a wide variability in plant tolerance to boron (B) toxicity, which is often associated with the ability to limit B accumulation. This study was conducted on two cultivars of sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) with different B tolerance: ‘Tigullio’, less tolerant and with green leaves; ‘Red Rubin’, more tolerant and with purple leaves. The main goal(More)
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