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Although this group of children were comparatively privileged, and older, and more likely to encounter risk, parents seem to have trusted their child to make good choices. Given that mobile internet access is associated with fewer parental restrictions, this 2010 data raises concern in 2013, now that so many more children have smartphones. 7. In 2010,(More)
EU Kids Online is a network funded by the EC Safer Internet plus Programme It examines research carried out in 21 member states into how children and young people use the internet and new media. This three-year collaboration aims to identify comparable research findings across Europe and to evaluate the social, cultural and regulatory influences affecting(More)
The EU Kids Online network has received funding from the European Community's Safer Internet Programme. The authors are solely responsible for the contents of this report. It does not represent the opinion of the Community and nor is the Community responsible for any use that might be made of information contained in it. article(s) in LSE Research Online to(More)
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